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IBM Sametime Meetings

Communicate concepts clearly, reach decisions faster, and build relationships with geographically dispersed teams. Share presentations, applications, or your whole desktop. Remotely control another participant's screen. Conduct polls, post files, and store web addresses in the meeting room library to use now or in a future meeting.

Reservationless rooms save time

When you create a meeting room it is always available when you need it. Create separate meeting rooms for different projects or purposes. Keep meeting materials, such as presentations or documents, in the meeting room library. Easily associate a meeting room with IBM® Notes® or Microsoft® Office calendar entries.

Leverage the power of audio and video

When face-to-face counts, Sametime meeting rooms provide the audio and video capabilities you need to engage on a more personal level. Use your computer's audio and video capabilities, or integrate with audio conferencing products and services to integrate and manage audio and video from within the meeting room.

Control your meeting room

By default everyone can share, so there is no need to pass around sharing rights. However, meeting room settings are flexible and let you control who can share, download, or record. Meeting room settings can range from wide open to password protected and can only be entered when a manager is in the room. Consult your administrator for company specific policies.

Retain the knowledge created

Recording features make it easy to record presentation, audio, and video activity. Meeting recordings are viewable with common video playback applications. Meeting reports capture attendance, meeting activity, action items, and chat transcripts.